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June 03, 2005


R. Alex

I'm a bit confused as to which one you're talking about from paragraph two onward: Savage, Gallagher, or Hewitt.

In any case, one of the most frustrating things from the anti-immigrant crowd is this fictitious notion that immigrants of yesteryear just got off the boat and jumped head first into the American identity, and the notion that there weren't immigrant communities that spoke their native tongue until those danged Mexican and Asian immigrants came along in the latter half of this century.

My views on the subject seem to be quite similar with yours. I think immigrants should learn English. Most of them, I think, would like to. They know as well as we do that English is the only way to really get ahead. Telemundo isn't going to change that. I similarly object to those that believe that immigrants should never assimilate and to become more American is a betrayal of ethnic identity, but I rarely run in to people who say that.

Adrianne Truett

Gallagher, sorry :) Clarity, clarity...

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