• Location: United States

One-Line Bio

I'm a Harvard alum, a Sanskritist, and a scholar of India and everything else. Teaching in Texas.


I am not quite who I seem to be. I am moderately pseudonymous, and, once I am gainfully employed, will be much less detailed about my daily activities than I could be as a graduate student. Gainful employment, however, may never come....

I have a cat: Fog; a gentleman friend: Bob; former Harvard roommates: Texas, California, and Beekeeper roommates; a University of Texas classmate: The Bombay Classmate; a dear friend: The Dancer; a Kid Brother and a Kid Sister; and a set of adored maternal Grandparents.

I am not very clear when I write, and often come across as saying quite the opposite of what I meant, or at least something much harsher. So, please feel free to comment and try to get me to make some sort of sense!